Imagine an exclusive wedding in an ancient residence in Cilento. Choose, between a large spectrum of structures, the one which covers your needs. Let you inebriate by the typical local cuisine’s smells of Dieta Mediterranea’s homeland, by the wines and by the wonderful sunsets, which paint the sea with stunning colors.

Why will you choose Cilento for your wedding?

Even though it’s not a famous place, Cilento is a land rich of story and culture, virgin landscapes, beautiful beaches and one of the most beautiful sea of Italy. It’s an ideal location for relax lovers, far away from the urban chaos. Thanks to the mild climate, Cilento offers the possibility to be visited throughout the year. The typical high-level products of this land are always available and you could find it in your wedding’s menu. A warm welcome  is waiting for you. In Cilento, welcome is the focal point of our culture. Live your wedding like an unique experience. The staff of Cilento Luxury believe that Cilento is the ideal location for your wedding and are selected the best structures, like ancient mansions, historical residence and casali. Our aim is to search authentic structures, which preserve the charm and the typical welcome of our tradition. This is the perfect frame for your magic day.

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